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Membership Application Form (Full-time, Part-time, TA/GA or EOF - pdf)


Why Join the AAUP?

When you join Rutgers AAUP, you will have the largest AAUP chapter in this country backing you up if you have any academic or employment problem with the University administration. For a few dollars more a year in addition to your representation fee:

  • You will have a voice and a vote in all AAUP matters at Rutgers.
  • You will have the right to vote on the dues structure, to elect representatives and to run as an officer or Executive Council member.

Joining the AAUP has other implications for us as an organization:

  • You will help increase the amount of members we represent. This will solidify our position when we speak to the University administration, State Legislature and other public bodies on academic or labor relations matters on behalf of all faculty members.
  • You will show your personal support to a professional organization that is always at your disposal to provide appropriate professional service to back you up when any term or condition of your employment is not respected by the University administration.

What are the dues?

The only thing that you have to do to become a member of the Rutgers Council of AAUP Chapters is to authorize Rutgers to deduct from your paycheck the regular membership dues, currently 0.65% of your salary.
 (See the sample calculations below):

For Members, only 0.65% of your salary. It costs only pennies a day to be a member.
(For example a salary base of $ 40 000 X 0.0065 = $ 260.00 per year for

Non-members pay a representation fee which amounts to 85% of dues (0.5525%).
(For example a salary base of $ 40 000 x 0.005525 = $ 221.00 per year for

NOTE : TA / GAs pay 0.5% of the salary


What are the dues for?

The AAUP has devoted its energy and resources to secure the gains of the faculty at Rutgers. The Rutgers Chapter devotes over 90% of its resources to collective negotiations, contract administration, grievance representation and obtaining benefits for all faculty.  It would take too long to give you a complete account of the benefits achieved by the AAUP Chapter at Rutgers over the years. The following are some numerous achievements:

  • AAUP members were able to improve the salary scale at Rutgers from one of the lowest at a major university in the 1960's to among the highest in the 1990's.
  • The AAUP obtained TIAA-CREF benefits for the faculty, in place of the less adequate and non-portable public employee pension. If you leave Rutgers and go to another university, you won’t lose your pension and the benefits will keep accumulating.
  • We have negotiated an effective system where faculty personnel grievances, including promotion and tenure problems are decided by neutral faculty panels rather than by administrators. This has enabled faculty members to advance on their merits and have the security to engage in a wide range of scholarly endeavors.


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Member Benefits

AAUP Member Benefits
The AAUP has enhanced the value of its membership by sponsoring a variety of additional benefits which can be found described on its Web site. The AAUP’s mass purchasing power enables it to make available these programs at prices below those which an individual could obtain. Certain coverages may not be available in all states.

AFT Member Benefits
AFT PLUS is the name of the member benefit programs available to AFT members and their families. Many of the programs are provided through Union Privilege, the benefit arm of the AFL-CIO; others are unique to AFT and are coordinated directly through AFT PLUS. Explore the AFT site and lean more about the savings and services available to you as an AFT member.

State Health Benefits Program

Effective July 1, 2000, all participants in the traditional health program pay 25% of the premium cost for their coverage; members of HMOs contribute 5% of the premium cost.  NJ Plus coverage continues to be free for employees and dependents.

For more information on the specific plans, including premium rates for the traditional plan and HMOs, you can visit the State Health Benefits

For information on the various HMO options, you can access the 2004 New Jersey HMO Performance Report.

Benefits Information for Rutgers Employees


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